FRUTRIP VEGAN Cocktail Mixer - for Wine Lovers

FRUTRIP VEGAN Cocktail Mixer - for Wine Lovers

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Introducing the FRUTRIP Vegan Cocktail Mixer, a convenient solution that eliminates the hassle of boiling or soaking fruits for Vin Chaud and Sangria cocktails. We meticulously squeeze a combination of Korean-pears, apples, Jeju tangerine, lemons, and ginger using the FC juicing method, resulting in a rich and flavorful blend. 

Simply mix our Vegan Cocktail Mixer with wine, soda, or champagne to create a cleaner and more robust cocktail experience. Unlike other brands' Vin Chaud products that contain added wine, FRUTRIP's offerings are alcohol-free. This allows you to customize and savor the taste of Vin Chaud or Sangria according to your personal preference.

With FRUTRIP Vegan Cocktail Mixer, you can quickly and effortlessly enjoy a freshly prepared Vin Chaud Mulled Wine) in just 30 seconds using a microwave, anytime and anywhere.

Note: Vin-Chaud is commonly referred to as Mulled wine. while Sangria is a variation of the classic cold dessert cocktail.





  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • Sugar Free
  • NFC